Check out the Yota 3’s rear E Ink display in these leaked press renders

The YotaPhone 3 (or Yota 3) was in April this year in an update on the official YotaPhone website, before being officially confirmed in June. Sequel to the YotaPhone 2, which landed in December 2014, the Yota 3 is tipped to be another dual-display Android device (an AMOLED screen on the front, and E Ink screen on the back) and is said to be officially launching in September.

Since it was first teased, a number of rumors have popped up regarding the handset, and now, we just might know what it looks like.

Thanks to a leak from YotaPhone Club, a YotaPhone fan group on social media site VK, we’ve got our hands on what appear to be official press renders of the upcoming handset, as well as some potential specs.

According to the source, the Yota 3 would come with an octa-core Qualcomm chip, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage capacity and would run on the Yota OS 3.0 dual-operating system. Meanwhile, the images also suggest that the device will arrive with a front-mounted home button (which possibly doubles as a fingerprint scanner), rear capacitive buttons and a single rear camera.

Previous rumors had suggested that the device would cost $350 for the 64GB model and $450 for the 128 GB version. This suggests that the Yota 3 would not be a “premium” handset like its predecessor which started at the equivalent of around $850.

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Dropping the price and specs is probably a smart move for Yota — no doubt few would have been willing to throw 850 bucks at an obscure Russian handset. By reducing the financial barrier for entry, this model might stand to pick up some more sales.

As for availability, the device is reportedly going on sale in Russia and China but, as the YotaPhone 2 didn’t make it to US shores, it’s less than guaranteed that this one will.

To read more about the device’s rumored specs, head to our previous coverage here.

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