T-Mobile just doubled the price of its top-tier unlimited data plan add-on

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T-Mobile has quietly increased the monthly cost of its “ONE Plus” data plan add-on (which bears no relation to the OnePlus mobile manufacturer) from $5 per month to $10 per month. The price change was first spotted by Reddit users yesterday before being confirmed by T-Mobile later.

T-Mobile introduced its unlimited data package late last year alongside a spate of new unlimited offers from the major carriers. The ONE Plus add-on delivers features like HD Streaming and 10 GB of LTE mobile tethering (mobile hotspots) to the regular $70 price for unlimited data on one line. Without the ONE Plus package, subscribers are restricted to 480p resolution video streaming and mobile hotspots at 3G only — not the faster LTE speeds.

Commenting on the move, a T-Mobile spokesperson told Business Insider that the price change reflects the end of a “promo” period. However, the T-Mobile website also indicates that current price may still be part of a promotion and could change in future.

Meanwhile, those who had previously signed up for this deal won’t be affected by the move and will remain on the $5 tariff.

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So, how does the $80 plan stack up against the competition now? You can get similar packages from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, though T-Mobile’s offer is still pretty competitive — and it’s the only manufacturer that includes taxes and fees at the $80 (total) price point.

Verizon’s plan costs $80 a month for single line access, while AT&T’s will set you back $90. Both offers include HD video streaming and mobile hotspots (10 GB of LTE data).

Sprint’s offer, on the other hand, provides the best price for a single line, coming in at $50 and including the high-end features mentioned above. However, this price will be increased to $60 on 06/30/18, and it’s restricted to new customers only.

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