Pokémon Go anniversary event brings special Pikachu and discounts

Pokémon Go is now a year old, and Niantic continues to celebrate its birthday with limited time discounts and a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat.

Just a few weeks ago, Niantic, the company behind the famous augmented reality game, rolled out a huge update which brought the much-anticipated Gym changes and Raid Battles. And in a blogpost yesterday, the company announced yet another special event to continue to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokémon Go:

To celebrate Pokémon GO’s one-year anniversary, Niantic and The Pokémon Company today (July 6) revealed that from now through July 24, Trainers will be able to find and catch Pikachu wearing Ash’s famous hat from the Pokémon animated series. A new featured store item, the Anniversary Box, which contains Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and a Raid Pass, will also be available for a limited time through the in-game shop at a discounted price.

However, it looks like the birthday celebration doesn’t end here; Niantic will bring even more promos over the coming weeks, including more information on the first-ever real world Pokémon Go event set to be held in Chicago on July 22 as well as the next one in Yokohama, Japan.

Previous Updates

Massive update with revamped Gyms and Raid Battles

June 19: Niantic Labs confirmed that it will be making some major upgrades to its Gyms with an upcoming update. The Gyms in the game will no longer be based on Prestige or training creatures, but instead, they’ll have six permanent slots with an all-new motivation meter. The update will also be adding the much-anticipated co-op Raid Battles, where players will work together to defeat boss creatures at Gym locations.

New Summer Solstice event

June 8: From June 13 until June 20, the in-game Solstice Event will see players encounter more fire- and ice-type Pokémon, receive huge XP bonuses for accurate Poke Ball tossing, and get discounted Lucky Eggs at the in-game shop. Meanwhile, the company will hold its “first-ever” real-world Pokémon GO event: Pokémon Go Fest Chicago. This will take place in Grant Park on July 22 and promises “a ton of exciting festivities.”

Tickets for Pokémon Go Fest will go live at http://ift.tt/2sGwzXf on Monday, June 19 at 10:00 AM PDT. Further, Niantic said it would hold events in European shopping centers between June and September, but hasn’t gotten into specifics yet.

Legendary Birds

March 7: Niantic CEO John Hanke was recently asked about the possibility of bringing fan-favorites like Mewtwo, Mew and the three legendary birds in an interview with Wired’s German division. “I can say with certainty that we will see more of that this year,” Hanke said. You heard that right – Pokémon Go could get Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres by the end of 2017!

Three major updates are headed our way

March 2: John Hanke, the Niantic Labs CEO, has stated that three major updates are headed to Pokémon Go in 2017. While details on the updates are scarce, Hanke says an update will arrive every quarter.

80 new Pokémon added

February 17: Pokémon Go version 0.57.2 is now rolling out. The update introduces a night mode map, new berries, new encounter mechanics and — what we’ve all been waiting for — 80 new Pokémon!

Togepi and Pichu come to Pokémon Go

December 12: While it’s not a huge update, Niantic Labs has added Togepi, Pichu and a handful of other creatures to the game. In addition, the developer kicked off an in-game holiday event that would see Pikachu wearing a festive hat through the end of December.

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