Samsung updates Samsung+ app, adds remote support


Samsung has released a substantial update to its Samsung+ app, which now features live device feedback and Samsung Assist for remote support.

Version 3.0 of Samsung+ is the best-equipped yet to deal with customer queries, thanks to live support via video chat with the option to text.

Samsung is keen to showcase its new Samsung Assist feature, which allows a group representative to take control of a customer’s smartphone remotely if they’re having some troubles. Only when a customer grants permission can a technician connect to the device, although the feature is currently only available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

According to Samsung, more of its products will support Samsung Assist in the future through carrier updates ‘over the coming weeks’.


Other additions to Samsung+ 3.0 include On Demand Answers, which provides answers to FAQs, and Device Diagnostics, which can keep tabs on a device’s battery health.

Looking ahead, Samsung has claimed in a press statement that content will be added to the Samsung+ Community on a rolling basis, with the group ‘excited to see this evolve as a valuable future resource for customers’.

Samsung+ is free to download over on the Play Store, so if you’re looking for some free official advice on keeping your Samsung smartphone healthy, take a look for yourself.

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