Check out the full LG G5 launch ad starring Jason Statham in every role


Earlier this week LG released a trailer for an advertisement starring Jason Stratham for its latest flagship smartphone, the G5, in which the British actor plays every single role. Today, the Korean electronics company has released the advertisement in its entirety, showing off the G5 and its modular friends ahead of its launch. We have the video embedded below for your enjoyment.

Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Hollywood action star portraying a waiter, a baby, some sort of weird bull rider sporting fire extinguishers, or even dressed as a woman, the advertisement has it all in spades. And while initial thoughts about the G5 handset might not be as positive as LG might have hoped, the ad is fun to watch and shows off the G5 and its modular friends such as the CAM Plus, the B&O HiFi Plus, and removable battery. The Rolling Bot and 360 VR headset also make appearances.

The ad makes great use of Jason Statham’s abilities, with the G5 sharing a good amount of screen time too. Unlike HTC’s adverts with Robert Downey Jr. the viewer isn’t left confused as to what the advert is actually promoting.

The G5 has been available to pre-order for a few days now, both in the U.S. and the UK, have you taken the plunge? Let us know your thoughts about the G5 and the commercial in the comments below.

Source: LG

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