GPS navigator recorder UPDATE: an “alternative” navigation system for Windows Phone

Gps navigator recorder was updated to 1.3.1 version. With this app, you can trace a route on a map and save it in your device. This way, you can replay an itinerary of a previously stored route. More detail in the article HERE

Current and last two updates

Version 1.3.1: Bug fix. In the start screen you can now zoom the map without opening the compass/panel (to show the map).

Version 1.3: Added 2 new languages: Spanish and Portuguese. The compass needle, to ensure a instinctive reading similar to that of a heading indicator, is not directed to the north but indicates the direction in which you are facing. This can differ from a real compass in which the needle is always facing north. You can change this in the settings page, the “Enable compass direction/north” option.

Version 1.2: Added basic support for gpx files. You can import a gpx file or export a registered file as gpx.

You can download the app from Here!

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